Hi there! 

We are the dream team behind this project, at least that's what we like to call ourselves. Our supervisor happens to be a dog and we still pinch ourselves to make sure that this journey is real. We have always talked about buying a VW bus and we finally found a good excuse to bite the bullet, a business.  While on a family beach trip, we noticed a VW bus in the neighborhood that was advertised as a photo booth and when we got home, we couldn't stop thinking about it. So that was the deciding factor...We bought a bus! 

Our names are Andrew, Angelina, and Monster. We have a fourth family member, Mavis, but she hasn't come around to the bus life yet. She's definitely what you would call a scaredy cat. Andrew is the dreamer. He spent his high school years in California, where he spent a lot of time surfing. This is where his dream to own a surf wagon began, and theres nothing more surf wagon than an original VW bus. Without waves in Georgia, he needed to find another reason to buy a bus. I'm Angelina, I am the artistic and impulsive one. He says, I wish we could buy a bus; I say, LET'S DO IT! I also dream up and design all of the projects. Together we make a great team. We have designed all of the photo booth details and have built everything from scratch. Our goal is to continue to do all of the work ourselves other than the paint and body work. We have a love for building and there's nothing more fun to renovate than a vintage car. 

We are a family owned business with a goal to not only bring joy and excitement to the events we book, but also have the ability to give back to our community. If you book with us, we are committed to going above and beyond for you and your event. Every experience will be personalized and we will communicate promptly throughout the entire process. Smiles are guaranteed wherever Juniper goes. 

Thank you so much for choosing to work with us & supporting us along this ride we call life! 

-Angelina & Andrew

photos by @katelynkingphotographyllc