Juniper's Journey

Juniper's Journey

Juniper is a Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus. She was born June 8, 1978 with her first destination being Washington DC. Originally Juniper was a 7 seater with 2 rows of seats in the back and a beautiful brown leather interior. Her exterior was two tone with what VW calls a panama brown body and a dakota beige roof. Her journey is unknown in between the time frame of 1978 & the early 2000's. We don't know how she lived her life, but we do know she has experienced some amazing adventures throughout the United States.

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Her most recent life was spent in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she underwent her biggest transformation. Juniper became a rolling piece of art. Her previous owner had two well-known graffiti artists give her exterior a facelift with some funky vibes. We were told she brought lots of joy to her community, and we aren't at all surprised.

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When we saw Juniper for sale, we knew we had to have her! Being all the way in Georgia, we got to see her details through videos and decided to bite the bullet and bring her back to the East Coast. Juniper arrived in Georgia at the end of August 2019.  Although we loved her funky vibes and her unique paint job, we had to give her exterior a facelift in order to restore her body and ensure she lives a long life. Her interior was also  upgraded to include wood walls, ceiling and floors along with her already beautiful brown leather seats. You can watch her transformation unfold on our instagram @rollwithjuniper. 

Junipers main priority is to continue to bring joy to her community and everyone she meets. She has already changed our lives and we hope that she can create memories for many others!